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FAQ – NaijaMp3


  • How do I create or change my username?

Once you login click on the Image thumbnail on the top right beside the upload button. After clicking it, menu options appear, click on the settings option. When you get to the Basic Settings screen, enter your preferred username in the “Your profile link will be:” field. Be sure to update all the other information.

  • How do I Upload?

In order to upload, you have to be logged on. After Logging On, click on the Upload button at the top and it will direct you to the page where you can upload your track. You can either click on the ‘Choose File To Upload’ link or drag you track or tracks to the box that states “Drag a Track here to upload”. Now, click on the ‘More Options’ option and fill in the Artist track and title, enter your tags, select if you would like the BUY icon to appear (your song needs to be on itunes), if you want the song to be downloaded or if you want the song to be Private. Make sure you click on the SAVE button after you are done entering the meta-data

  • How do I find tracks to listen to

At the top of the site, there is a search box, type in what you want to search for as example ‘MI Abaga’ and hit the enter key on your keyboard. The results will be sorted in different groups; Tracks, Playlist and People (These are users on the NaijaMp3s platform). To look for the search term in the People group click on the People link and you will see all the users with a first or last name that falls within your search term

  • Can I save songs so that I can play them later again

In order to save a song so that you can listen to it later, you can either add the song to your playlist or like the song so that you can always go back to your playlist or likes tabs to listen to the song in the future.

  • The username I want is taken

Unfortunately, if your username has been taken, you will need to choose another username similar to what you really want.

  • How do I comment on songs?

If you are listening to the song in the Home page which are the songs posted by people you follow or if you are in the Explore page or anywhere else. You will have to either click on the song title or click on the comment icon and it will direct you to the song’s page where you can leave you comment. After typing the comment make sure you click on the ‘Post’ button so that your comment saves.

  • Why are other people’s tracks on my profile?

This is because you have either liked, reposted or added the other person’s song to your playlist.

  • Can I listen without signing in?

Yes you can by either searching for a song or by clicking on the Explore tab. In addition, you can listen to embedded songs from NaijaMp3s on blogs.

  • How do I upload a private song?

While uploading make sure you click on the Permission tab and select Private.

  • What happens when I follow someone

When you follow someone, you will see every song that they upload appear in your Home page after logging on. Your homepage will show only songs uploaded from people you are following as soon as they upload. Also, you will see their reposts, likes of every song and playlist.

  • What happens when someone follows me

When someone follows you they get to see every song you upload as soon as you upload them. They will also see every song and playlist that you like and repost.

  • What are reposts?

Reposts are similar to retweeting. Which means that when you see a song that you like, you can repost it to share it with all people following you.

  • What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload mp3, m4a, ogg, wav, wma. The maximum file size is 100mb

  • How to embed my tracks?

Click on the share button within a song player and copy the embed code. Paste the code in your website.

  • How do I add artwork to a track

While uploading your audio track, click on the Choose File below the Upload Image and select the image you want up.

  • I can’t click the download button

It is because the user who uploaded the track has not allowed it to be downloaded.

  • What are playlists and how do I create them?

Playlists are a set of songs that you can create using your songs or others songs. To curate a playlist, click on Add to playlist below any track – your own or someone else’s – to place into a playlist. To create a new playlist, click the ‘Create New’ playlist tab.

  • Can I re-order the tracks in my playlist?

Yes you can. Simply go to your Playlist tab and select the playlist you would like to re-order. Once selected, click on the edit icon and then you can re-order the tracks as you see fit.

You can upload all the individual tracks and create the playlist naming it as the EP name and add all the tracks in the Playlist. You can also re-order the tracks as you see fit.

  • How do I add a BUY Button to my track?

When uploading your track, make sure you click on the box that says User Can Buy This Song. Then type in the title of your song and click on the Go button.

  • How do I delete tracks?

Go to your My Tracks tab and click on the delete button on the track you want to delete.

  • How do I delete my playlist?

Go to your My Playlist tab and click on the delete button on the playlist you want to delete.

  • How do I rename a track?

Go to your My Tracks tab and click on the Edit button on the track you want to rename and edit the track title and save.

  • How do I rename a playlist?

Go to your My Playlist tab and click on the Edit icon on the playlist you want to rename and edit the playlist title and save.

  • Can I remove a song from my playlist?

Yes. Go to your My Playlist tab and click on the Edit icon on the playlist you want to edit. To remove the track, click on Delete icon under the track you want removed from the playlist and click on the save button.

  • What is the maximum track length?

The maximum size to upload is 9mb

  • Can I upload a snippet?

Yes you can.

  • Why are my tracks on other people’s playlists?

Other people can add your tracks to their playlist and you can do the same too.

  • What songs are on the Explore tab?

The tracks in the discover tab are the Most Played and Most Downloaded songs in the past 7 days. They are the trending tracks from the past 15 days.